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    Prequalified Vendors

    Working with suppliers who can’t meet your needs adds risk and cost to your supply chain. Every Sourcebook vendor is prequalified by our team and monitored regularly to ensure the integrity of your suppliers.

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    Search One Website

    Searching through old spreadsheets, looking through file cabinets, and chasing down suppliers is inefficient and outdated. Sourcebook is the global material sourcing platform for advanced flexible materials.

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    Compare with Ease

    Fumbling through PDFs, emails, and conversion charts is tedious and error prone. With Sourcebook you can compare specifications in your preferred unit of measure, side by side, in seconds.

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    Overnight Samples

    Waiting, chasing down suppliers, and delaying projects for samples and specifications is time consuming and costly. With Sourcebook sample requests ship overnight so you have them in your hands tomorrow.

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Richard Daniels

Carestream Contract Manufacturing is a leading contract coating and development services company for applications of aqueous and solvent coatings on flexible substrates.

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SNS Nanofiber

Kayleigh Yoder

SNS Nanofiber is a producer of specialized self-supporting nanofiber matrices using proprietary technology for medical device, filtration, and cosmetic applications.

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Cold Spring

Richard Himmelwright

Cold Spring provides coating and materials development services to companies in need of formulation capabilities in medical, electronics, and imaging applications.