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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a material type?

Sourcebook is organized into nine material types, nonwoven, membrane, film, foil, foam, technical textile, technical paper, extruded net, and composite. You can learn more about these material types in our Education center.

What is a material sub-type?

Each material type is organized into sub-type categories that are unique to the material type. Material subtypes are most frequently associated to the manufacturing process of the material type. The material sub-types allow users to narrow the search options further and make material selections more efficient and reliable. You can learn more about material sub-types in our Education center.

What is a composite?

A composite is a combination of two or more of the Sourcebook material types accomplished using a variety of manufacturing techniques.  Some composites are the combination of a material type and a coating or treatment that substantially changes the material. You can learn more about composite materials and their sub-types in our Learning center.

Can I browse materials without using the material finder?

Yes, on the home page you can select a material type and then browse within that category. You can also use the dropdown menu next to the search bar to select a material type and then browse within that category.

Why isn’t certain specification information converted between metric and imperial units?

Sourcebook only converts the specification information that is most useful to deliver a search result. This includes all of the data in the Material Finder, and the filters on the search results pages. Detailed specifications that are only viewed in the product detail pages are not converted. Some specification information is recorded by manufacturers in units of measure that are not compatible to be converted between one another.

How do I become a Sourcebook Supplier?

Any manufacturer of one of our material types is eligible to join Sourcebook as a Sourcebook Supplier. It is free to become a Sourcebook Supplier.  Learn more here

What are the benefits of being a registered user?

Sourcebook has three user types which offer different levels of service.  Learn more here