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Advance Flexible Materials Suppliers

Supplier Profiles

Lear more about advanced flexible material suppliers with supplier profiles. Access contact information, plant locations, and manufacturing capabilities.
Name Supplier ID Material Type Map Profile Preferred Supplier


3M Medical SP000005 Foam, Composite - Laminte, Composite - Tape, Composite - Coated Material View View
3M Purification SP000006 Membrane View View


Acucote SP000007 Composite - Tape View View
Adhesives Research SP000008 Composite - Tape View View
Adhex Technologies SP000166 Film, Foam, Composite - Tape, Nonwoven View View
Advanced Fabrics SAAF SP000009 Nonwoven View View
Advanced Medical Solutions SP000161 Film, Foam View View
Advantec MFS SP000010 Membrane, Composite - Laminte View View
Ahlstrom-Munksjo SP000001 Nonwoven, Technical Paper, Composite - Coated Material View View
Apex Mills SP000011 Technical Textile View View
Asahi Kasei SP000012 Nonwoven View View
Avanti SP000013 Nonwoven View View
Avgol SP000014 Nonwoven View View
Avintiv SP000015 Nonwoven View View
Axelgaard SP000016 Composite - Tape View View