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Composite Material Sourcing, Laminated Composite Materials - Sourcebook


Composites are a combination of two or more distinct flexible materials with a recognize interface between the materials. Composites can take the form of laminates, coated materials, and tapes.
The most common types of composites are laminates, coated materials, and tapes. Each of these Composite types can be further broken down into subtypes which are unique and dependent on the specific manufacturing technologies used by each Composite type. A more thorough explanation of each Composite subtype can be found here.
The most common types of composites are laminates, coated materials, and tapes.

Laminated Composite Materials

Laminated composite is a material that has had several distinct materials laminated together. The different material layers can be laminated together through adhesives, heat, pressure, or ultrasonic bonding.

Coated Composite Materials

A coated material is another type of composite material. A coated material is composed of a material (i.e. nonwoven) that has had some form of liquid material applied to its surface, on one or both sides, and allowed to dry. There are a variety of reasons coatings are applied to materials, including changing the aesthetic or surface texture and waterproofing the material.

Tape Composite Materials

A tape is a composite consisting of a flexible base material (ex: film, nonwoven, foam) that is coated on one or both sides with an adhesive. If the adhesive is pressure sensitive, the composite can either be self-wound or have release liners.

Wound care (ex: film tapes, foam tapes, nonwoven tapes)
Medical device attachment